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Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Finds

Since I've gotten here my self-restraint has been amazing! Somehow I have been able to walk into shops and walk out without having spent a pence. I started telling myself "2years" every time I picked something up i really liked. Meaning that I'm here for two years, have years worth of great shopping ahead of me and that I need to simmer down. That was working for me the first few weeks but now... its getting real hard!

After my first few finds I couldn't resist and splurged on a pair of wedges from AllSaints. And for that I am not allowing myself to walk into Topshop for the rest of this week.

Check em' out. These are my purchases for the week. (I cant figure out the symbol for Pounds on my MacBook so the prices are just the numbers next to the store name)

The new loves of my life <3
 I have been dying for a pair of wedges but couldn't quite find a pair as original and unique as i wanted but these definitely fit the criteria! Last pair in my size and marked half off at AllSaints. YUP! they were calling my name. Im so excited to prance around town in these babiesss :D 

Wooden Heel Lace up Wedges
AllSaints - 92.50

And to think I almost walked away from this guy?!
 Found it on the sale rack at Topshop and thought long and hard about it (not sure why) but as soon as I saw the lady next to me eyeing it I felt sick to my stomach. Thats when I knew it needed to be in my possession, I couldn't bare the thought of someone else owning it. Its not even my size but when does that ever matter :P

Laddered Floor length Dress
Topshop - 30

Lace Vest with Metal Leaf Detail
Topshop - 12

Faux Fur Neck Warmer 
New Look - 6

A little headband obsessed...

From Left: 
Bershka - 3
New Look - 4
Pil and Mil - 15

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