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Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday Market choice : Portobello Market

I have decided that Saturdays are going to be my market hunting days. And boy was I impressed!

Portobello Market in Notting Hill was everything I hoped it was going to be. At first it was heavily populated with tourists and the markets were mostly antique shops and jewelry shops. Then once I hit mid-point it turned into hipster heaven! The shops were all boutiques with a few mainstream shops like the American Apparels, The Office, All Saints. And of course loads of bars and pubs. And just when i thought  the road was coming to an end, I hit the jackpot! ' The Famous Vintage and Fashion Market ' And as you could imagine... my day was complete :)

Here's a bunch of pictures to give you a feel of what I'm obsessing over.

Gaitors... potential new trend??

All Saints <3 
A store I've become obsessed with. I remember walking past it when I was in New York and thinking this store is made for me with that many amazing sewing machine in the window. When I found it here in london I almost screamed! Not only do I spend hours at ever location Ou'ing and Ah'ing over the clothes and shoes but I find myself spending just as much time staring at the sewing machine's in their window displays.

Great use of the Ipad!
They even have Ipads throughout the store for customers to scan and email themselves items they like.

I was so overwhelmed after getting lost in a bunch of vintage stands that I actually left the area, crossed the street and collected myself. Thinking holy shit where did all these great booths come from. I looked up and it all made sense!

These reminded me so much of the my boots I left in Canada. If only they were my size...

Portobello Road Done?

Nope !

Okay. Now it looks like its over. 3 hours later

By the time I got to the end of Portobello Rd I realized that it took me 4hrs to get to the end. And then remembered that I had to walk all the way back to catch my bus home :(. It surprisingly only took me 40mins. 

Next Saturday's Market:  Camden Town

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