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- Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Start of my London Life

 Finally in London! But I'm not quite sure how to get out of this housing complex. I fell asleep on the car ride home from the airport so I actually have no idea how to get to any main road. It was hard enough trying to figure out how to open the fridge door, seeing as to how EVERYTHING is on the opposite side. So I decide to go explore for a bit with hopes that I wont get lost while I wait for my cousins to come home from work and Uni.  So far so good considering I was practically sweating after the end of my journey. Its 8 degrees outside today so to me (compared to Canada) it feels like almost summer/spring weather...i can get used to this ;)


  1. OMG you look sooo cute!!!!

  2. YAYAYAYAYA! Love the braids!

    - Tash.

    (I'm on Cat's comp. Obvs,)

  3. hahh thanks guysss!
    miss you loads!

  4. Omg girl.....wish i was there with ya, you look freakin amazin with braids love the heel. Don't forget to find a good fish and chip place.

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! London is my fave place :)

  6. haha if you were waiting for your cousins, who took the pics? don't say self timer on the street haha. miss you!