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Monday, February 7, 2011

Hellooo Oxford Street :D

Can you say excited? Finally over that jet lag, I decided to hit the streets by myself the other day for the first time. My family thought I was crazy and was going to get lost but thats what maps and photographic memory are for ;) . I just had to keep reminding myself to not attempt to j-walk and to make sure I held on to every hand rail on the double decker buses when trying to get off  :s.  So off i went :) !

The two main highlights of my walk on Oxford St were hands down Selfridges and Topshop.

The writing on the floor confuses me more than it helps :s 

Always the more unique window displays when it comes to Selfridges

The shoe department in Selfridges. It actually felt like I was in a shoe museum.

I was very impressed with this table.

Oxford Circus 
It wasn't until I cross this intersection that i realized how large the population of london was and the amount of tourists in this city. (This being the least amount of people crossing. I couldn't quite get a good shot because I feared getting trampled)

There it was! Calling my name :)

Such great in-store merchandising! (No pictures allowed in store so not the greatest pics coming up)

Neat use of Lawn chairs 

Second best cupcake I've ever had, next to Magnolia Bakery cupcakes in NYC.

Topshops bottom floor
All shoes :D !

Their in store Cafe <3

And then it was dark...

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  1. I'm so jealous that you are there! :P
    I was just there visiting a few months ago and I miss it SO much! Oxford Circus was my favourite place to be. Lucky you, enjoy yourself. xx.