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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lyon in London

Yesterday was an amazing day! Not only was it sunny the whole day but also one of my toronto Besties Shane Lyons joined me in London for the day :) So as you could imagine we made sure we squeezed all  the main touristy things in.

Shopping on Oxfor st
People watching through Soho
The London Eye and the new 4D viewing of the London Eye
Climbing Lions in Trafalgar Square
A Pub in Piccadilly Circus
Tower Bridge


Piccadilly Circus

Ridiculous Trafic on Regent st

First time in TopMan 

Shane thinking he's a profesional J-Walker

Half of Selfridges on Oxford St

And of course the epic Primark on Oxford st

Trying to find the London Eye

Waterloo Train Station

The 4D London eye mini movie

Lyons on a Lion... it had to be done!

My turn...after shane forced me to climb it.

Fish and Chips .. another England must.

The Tower 

The Tower Bridge

Great Day <3

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