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Monday, May 9, 2011

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is hands down the best part of London for me! And I couldn't be more over joyed that my internship in right in the heart of this incredibly bougie hipster town.

Went to the Brick Lane Market the other day with a 'no spending' mindset (which surprisingly worked). I think I took 3 full steps on Brick Lane and that was it.. HIT WITH BOUGE. Such gooood vintage everywhereeeee. Vintage Stores, vintage streets, vintage clothes, even vinatge people lol

 London has absolutely no shortage of worthy vintage. See for yourself!

The next 3 pics are not vintage pieces.. just future wish list pieces

its a necklace.. not a scarf (crazy huh)

On my "neeeeed to buy" list. 
Its 86 quid :( 

The highlight of my day!... yea its an entire Lizard
And YUP! .. its legs

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